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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My story of the latest BMW F10 detail with KC

Following up from KC's post of the latest BMW F10 detail which can be found here:

My pics from the F10 detail with KC.

Claying with alien no-rinse as a clay lubricant.

As expected from a new car, very minimal contamination on the surface.

Sifu KC at work cleaning the wheel arches...

while I dealt with the twin exhaust tips.

Cleaning with alien clean....

Followed by Optimum Metal Polish.

Done.... nice and shiny!

Now for the detailed paint inspection.

Hmm.... water spots/etching... seems to be common on our F10's.

Compounding with the latest Optimum MicroFiber Compounding pad with Optimum Hyper Compound pads to remove the water spots/etchings.

Followed by polishing with Optimum Hyper Polish and the Optimum Double-Sided Red Foam followed by the Flex3401 with the Optimum MicroFiber Polishing Pad with Optimum Hyper Polish for the ultimate finish.

KC polishing the front bumper after removing the license plates.

Permanently protecting the paint with Optimum OptiCoat.

All done...

Awesome gloss and shine.

More details to come.... :-)