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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Optimum Opti-Coat Review - Update after 15 Months

How long does the Optimum Opti-Coat lasts? Does it really work?
- Optimum Opti-Coat is supposed to form a PERMANENT protective layer on top of your existing paint and is designed to be harder, more scratch resistant and has better water beading characteristics than the original paint.
- Optimum Opti-Coat is supposed to last and protect for as long as the coating is taken care of properly.
- Another advantage of getting your car coated is that should there be any issue with with scratches or watermarks which requires polishing or compounding, only the Optimum Opti-Coat will be affected as the original paint below the Optimum Opti-Coat will not be touched.

Does it really work? How long does it last?

The only way to tell is to try it out...

The surface of this test vehicle suffered from clearcoat failure. IF the Optimum Opti-Coat really works and forms an additional permanent protective layer on top of the paint, the coated area should remain the same and the paint should not oxidize and revert back to the original condition over time.

Early-May 2010: A section of the test area was taped off and corrected before the Optimum Opti-Coat was applied.

After correction. Nice and shiny with the gloss restored.

Time to try out the coating...

The surface really looks great!!!

Mid-May 2010: Great water beading!!!

June 2010: Still the same reflection...

May 2011: Water sheeting ONE YEAR LATER!!!

August 2011: After 15 MONTHS!!!

Does Optimum Opti-Coat work?

They say a picture tells a thousand words..... at least this saves me from typing another 738 words.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Extreme Watermark Correction and OptiCoating on a Honda Civic

The owner of this new Civic had called my buddy KC to come and rescue his ride but due to some unfortunate events which KC explained in his blog http://thedetailers.blogspot.com/2011/07/is-pain-necessarily.html he was unable to carry out the work.

The Civic's owner had waited over a month and so I was roped in to help out with the heavy work... but seriously, many thanks to KC for inviting me to assist in this detail.

Let's get started.

Doesn't look too bad from here.

Upon closer inspection, the windows had some pretty severe watermarks. The owner noticed these marks just after buying the car. When he brought it up with Honda Malaysia they told him basically that it was his problem and this could not be fixed under warranty....

The driver's side windows and the front windscreen were the worst affected.

Click the link below to find out if the watermarks could be removed:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BMW Detailing Clinic with Master KC

Master KC, thedetailers.blogspot.com, recently held a detailing clinic for the BMW Club Malaysia where the members of the BMWCM were given a free detailing clinic that covered all aspects of detailing including machine correction.

The event was organized by a few of the BMWCM committee members and was held in an open car park near one of the member's office.

Click the link below for more:

May the force be with you..... a crash course in detailing.

My buddy KC @ thedetailers.blogspot.com was supposed to conduct another detailing clinic a few days ago but is temporarily out of action and had to cancel. However, he had one participant who purposely flew in from East Malaysia to learn from the master himself. Unfortunately, Yoda was unable to teach the young padawan about the ways of the force... a call was made and it was left to me.... Obi-Wan to demonstrate the ways of the force to the young padawan....

The force was most certainly strong in this one as he had waited two months and traveled hundreds of kilometers to seek the master himself.... unfortunately he had to make do with me. :-)

Anyway.... may the force be with us all... and on with the story.

I met the young padawan (hmmm..... makes me sound like an old uncle.) at his abode. I brought along his Makita lightsaber and other supplies from the master. I only had a couple of hours to train him in the ways of the force.

A sample vehicle was required.... 

Note the horrendous condition of the paint with some patches of clear coat failure, many swirls and RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches)..... PERFECT!!!

Will the young padawan be able to master the force without master Yoda? Click the link below to find out:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Honda City Optimum OptiCoat

My buddy KC (thedetailers.blogspot.com) was supposed to detail and OptiCoat this brand new Honda City but unfortunately he is temporarily out of action at the moment. 

This detail couldn't wait as the owner had just taken delivery of her ride and wanted to ensure that it was properly protected from the beginning. KC had explicitly told her NOT TO WASH THE CAR as improper washing could have scratched and damaged the paint.

This is the condition of the Honda City when it arrived. The car is brand new and has been driven about 300km since delivery.

As expected there was a certain amount of dirt on it from not being washed for a week. The owner was apologetic about the condition and had wanted to get it washed before sending it over.

Click the link below to continue reading the details of this detail and OptiCoating.