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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Optimum No-Rinse (ONR) Guide with Optimum Opti-Mitt and Optimum Opti-Seal

This is a step-by-step guide on how to use Optimum No-Rinse (ONR) with the latest Optimum Opti-Mitt. There is also a section at the end on the proper use of Optimum Opti-Seal.

The Optimum Opti-Mitt (OOM) is one of the latest products to be released by Optimum Polymer Technologies. The OOM is specially designed for use with Optimum No-Rinse (ONR) and Optimum Car Wash (OWSH).

According to Optimum Polymer Technologies:
Optimum Opti-Mitt (OOM) is made of high density polyurethane foam that is very soft, highly absorbent, and very durable. It is specifically designed to work with Optimum No-Rinse (ONR) and Optimum Car Wash (OWSH) to make the process of washing cars safer and easier. The waffle design creates a much larger surface area for removing all the dirt and grime from teh surface safely and effectively.

For the complete step-by-step guide for ONR and the full review of the Optimum Opti-Mitt, click on the link below:

Detailing Clinic by detailien.com

My buddy KC organized an advanced detailing clinic for a number of detailers from all over the country including East Malaysia.

His post on this clinic can be found on his blog:

These are my pictures from the clinic.

KC explaining the theory of detailing and paint correction to the participants.

Aside from the usual basics, this clinic was targeted at more experienced detailers wanting to learn more about more advanced detailing techniques such as wetsanding, compounding, polishing and also Optimum Opti Coating.

To read more about it, click on the link below:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We have a new website for Optimum Car Care Products.

For full details on Optimum Car Care products, please visit: