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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Optimum Car Wash Review w/ Optimum Opti-Mitt


Where does this product sit in Optimum's product line considering that Optimum No-Rinse is positioned as a rinse-less car wash. What benefit's, if any, does the Optimum Car Wash offer over the extremely convenient, easy to use and rinse-less Optimum No-Rinse?

The unique selling point of ONR is that there is no rinsing required before or after washing. Just simply mix a bucket of ONR, wipe clean and wipe dry.

However, there are still those that prefer a more traditional type of car wash and this is where the Optimum Car Wash comes in.

Optimum Car Wash comes in a deeper blue color compared with ONR and has a pleasant aroma. As the Optimum Opti-Mitt was specifically designed to be used with ONR and Optimum Car Wash it was also used in this review.

Does it work?

Click on the link below for the full review:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

detailien @ exoticmods with ZTH for the Honda Hot Import Nights

A short phone call from my buddy KC.

A simple quick detail.

A change of plans.

6 hours... 10 showcars... 2 supercars... much blood, sweat and tears(???) later...




Click on the link below for the full story: