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Monday, October 8, 2012

Taming the Bull with Optimum OptiCoat!!! Lamborghini LP550-2 Balboni...

Taming the bull... with my buddy KC.

More details of this detail after the link:

LP550-2 Balboni:
LP- Longitudinale Posteriore (Longitudinal Mid-Mounted engine).
550- 550ps (542hp).
2- Rear-wheel drive.
Balboni- Valentino Balboni (Limited to 250 units).

So it begins... KC washing down the beast.

Wash with Optimum Car Wash...

alien Clean where required...

Taking care of the 19" lightweight rims...

Taping up all of the vents... (this took a very, very, long time).

All set... Compounding with Optimum Hyper Compound + Optimum Double-Sided Wool + Makita 9227C. Polishing with Optimum Hyper Polish + Optimum Double-Sided Red Foam + Makita 9227C. Finishing with Optimum Hyper Polish + Optimum MF Polishing Pad + Flex 3401.

The paint was in pretty bad shape. Apparently the bull's hide is quite soft and very easily swirled and scratched up.

Hmm..... buffer trails... Someone has been here before us.

Swirls and RIDS gallardo.... errr... I mean galore.


Roof, before:

Roof, after:

After many, many hours compounding, polishing and finishing. The bull is finally ready to be protected with Optimum OptiCoat.


Made in Germany???!!!

Lovely interior.

Reflections.... Part 1:

Reflections... Part 2:

It was certainly a pleasure and honor working on this bull which is finally protected with Optimum OptiCoat!

Thanks again to my buddy KC. It is always a pleasure working with you buddy...

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