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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BMW F10 Coating- The detailien Difference

Got a call from the owner of an F10 which we coated a few months ago.


He just had his front bumper resprayed wanted to get it re-coated to protect it from the harsh Malaysian environment like the rest of the car. I told him to wait 1-2 months to ensure the paint was fully cured and scheduled an appointment to get the front bumper attended to.

All taped up and ready to go...

A halogen shot of the coated front hood. Still looks good!

The same can't be said for the recently resprayed front bumper. After only 2 months, some noticeable swirls on the new paint.

Corrected with the Optimum MF Polishing pad with Optimum Hyper Polish and the Flex3401VRG.

I explained to the owner that it would be quite easy to just clean the surface and apply the coating but that would defeat the purpose of the coating as the surface below would still have paint defects even though it is protected by the coating on top. The idea is to ensure the paint is fully corrected and then only coated to preserve and protect the corrected paint.

All ready for coating.


Nice, well defined reflection where the number plate is attached.

Cost to owner: $0.
Owner satisfaction: Priceless....

Monday, October 8, 2012

Taming the Bull with Optimum OptiCoat!!! Lamborghini LP550-2 Balboni...

Taming the bull... with my buddy KC.

More details of this detail after the link:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

MIA, Wetsanding and Optimum OptiCoat

Been MIA and have not updated this blog in a while....

Been busy fighting bulls and other BS with my buddy KC... :-)

Been away too long and decided to embark on a small project of mine...

Typical orange peel from modern paints...

Click the link below for more....

Optimum Opti-Coat Honda Insight

Brand-new 2012 Honda Insight + Optimum Opti-Coat = Permanent Paint Protection.

Anyone who has owned a white car will know that keeping a white car white in our Malaysian weather can prove to be quite challenging. Any dirt or stains are painfully obvious on white paint.

This brand new 2012 Honda Insight was protected with Optimum Opti-Coat to protect the paint and make it easier for the owner to maintain.

Click the link below for full details of this Opti-Coating.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My story of the latest BMW F10 detail with KC

Following up from KC's post of the latest BMW F10 detail which can be found here:

My pics from the F10 detail with KC.

Claying with alien no-rinse as a clay lubricant.

As expected from a new car, very minimal contamination on the surface.

Sifu KC at work cleaning the wheel arches...

while I dealt with the twin exhaust tips.

Cleaning with alien clean....

Followed by Optimum Metal Polish.

Done.... nice and shiny!

Now for the detailed paint inspection.

Hmm.... water spots/etching... seems to be common on our F10's.

Compounding with the latest Optimum MicroFiber Compounding pad with Optimum Hyper Compound pads to remove the water spots/etchings.

Followed by polishing with Optimum Hyper Polish and the Optimum Double-Sided Red Foam followed by the Flex3401 with the Optimum MicroFiber Polishing Pad with Optimum Hyper Polish for the ultimate finish.

KC polishing the front bumper after removing the license plates.

Permanently protecting the paint with Optimum OptiCoat.

All done...

Awesome gloss and shine.

More details to come.... :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ULTIMATE Driving Machine OptiCoated by the detailiens


Sheer Driving Pleasure???

I personally prefer the old BMW tagline of the Ultimate Driving Machine...

And this....., is the ULTIMATE Ultimate Driving Machine!

This is our detailing journey of the UUDM....

Check out the size of the rear lower arms! Required to tame 560 bhp!

Signature twin-exhaust pipes!

More radiators/coolers than I can count with my fingers!





Read more after the link below:

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 2.8... OptiCoat F10 528i M-Sport

Beautiful sunrise on the morning of 28th April 2012...

A day that will be remembered for Bersih 3.0.

While that Bersih was going on in KL, I had another Bersih to personally attend to.

Bersih 2.8 in old skool BMW terminology or should it now be Bersih 2.0?

2.0 TwinPower Turbo 2.8????


Read more about his this Bersih concluded after the link: