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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ampang Park Automotive Week Demo Car- Update

Managed to catch up with the owner of the demo car used during the detailing demonstration at the Ampang Park Automotive Week.


Just had a small rain shower come through and was able to capture some nice water beading shots and partial sun shots.

Monday, March 22, 2010

ONR- Optimum No Rinse Demo at the Ampang Park Automotive Week 2010

My good friend KC of thedetailers.blogspot.com was invited to give a talk on ONR - Optimum No Rinse car wash at the Ampang Park Automotive Week.

Invitations were sent out to detailing enthusiast from various car and detailing forums and the public were invited to drop by and learn more about how ONR works and also to experience a hands-on detailing demonstration where they could try out the various detailing products and machines.

Kenneth aka Fishbonez of wetshinedetailing.blogspot.com was there to present the theory of paint care.

KC then conducted a detailing demonstration on stage.

We then proceeded to carry out a full detail on a demo car and encourage all those who attended to try out the different machines and products that were available.

50/50 after ONR.

With the participation of all involved, we managed to get the car from this.

To this.

Click on the link to read more about the days activities.

Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 Honda City- Brand New Post Delivery CNY Detail

The last of the CNY details.

Brand new 2010 Honda City post-delivery, pre-CNY detail.

The car has never been washed since delivery and had the usual dust and water spots.

Washed with ONR followed by clay with ONR lube. Surprising how much dirt was pulled out of the brand new paint with just the clay.

After claying.

Some swirls visible on the brand new paint. The swirls will be attended to at a later date as this was not a full correction detail.

Read more after the link.

BMW E34 Quick Detail

Just a quick detail for the Bimmer before CNY.

- ONR Wash
- NXT 2.0/ROB
- Opti-Seal

Read more after the link.

Proton Exora- CNY Detail

First up, the Proton Exora.

Rushing to complete three quick details before leaving KL for CNY so no before pictures due to the tight deadline but the results came out quite well. Nice and shiny with a deep gloss to the white paint.

- ONR wash
- Polish with M80/W8006/Rotary
- NXT 2.0/ROB
- Opti-Seal including windows

Read more after the link.

Chinese New Year Details- Preview

Its been a while since I posted any updates on my blog. Actually did a couple of quick details before the CNY. Finally able to find some time to post them.

Got both my cars nice and shiny before this.....

On the Karak highway heading east. Jam all the way.... plenty of time to admire the traffic and scenery through the clean windows.