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Monday, September 7, 2009

Accord Revisited- M80 vs D151 on soft Honda Paint

This Honda Accord was detailed before for a wedding about 2 years ago. The details of that detail (heheheh) can be seen here:

The last time it was detailed, M80 was used with an ROB and the results were fantastic.After hearing so much about D151 from my fellow Malaysian detailing fanatic, KC, I wanted to try it out myself and compare it with the M80 which worked so well before.

 I was expecting this detail to be a simple one but it would turn out to be otherwise with the soft Honda paint.

Some before shots:

Doesn't look too bad from far....

Upon closer inspection...

Washed the wheels and wheel wells with APC 1:10 and agitated with various brushes and rinsed off with water:

Clayed the car after wash. There seemed to be a lot of contaminants on the paint surface which was removed by the clay.

Took a few pictures of the paint defects before starting work.

Plenty of swirls, RIDS and dull oxidized paint. No problem.... or so I thought.

50/50 with M80/W8006 on a Makita rotary. Big improvement with the swirls mostly removed after one pass.

D151/W8006 after one pass.

A shot of M80 (left) and D151 (right). Both looked similar so decided to stick with D151 (inspired by KC).

It looks alright with most of the swirls and oxidization removed. Normally this would be followed by plenty of successful after shots BUT....

Upon closer inspection..... some hazing left behind by the rotary.

What followed was a battle with the soft Honda paint. (Wiping off the polish with a MF towel could cause some slight scratches if too much pressure was applied.)

Various products were tried out with the Makita and my trusty ROB but I could not find a one step solution to get rid of the swirls and also produce a haze free finish. It was quite frustrating trying to find that one elusive product hence the lack of more pictures. I am wondering if M205 would have done the job. (Need to get some when Meg's Malaysia brings it in.)

After a few hours, I finally settled on D151/Yellow Solo Wool pad/Makita for correction followed by D151/W8006/ROB to finish.

By this time is was quite late in the night and I decided to call it a day after finishing a few panels.

Some after shots on the areas which were completed, taken the next day after a good nights sleep:

To be continued another day......

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