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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Supercar Paint

Attended a hillclimb on 10th October 2009. Details on my other blog:

Couldn't help but notice the condition of the paints on some of the cars taking part. I think its some detailing disease. Anyway...

The paints on both the Lamborghini LP-640's were in pretty good condition. However, as the panels were carbon fiber, if you looked hard enough you could see the carbon fiber weave below the paint. Very cool.

The Porsche GT3 RS had some oxidization and issues with the protective film installed on the nose.

Some visible swirls on a Ferrari Dino and F355.

I spoke to one of the Ferrari owners and was told that the car was regularly used on track and was more for driving than for show. I did appreciate that cars like this should be used as intended but I also discussed some detailing options and how the swirls could be kept to a minimum with proper care. Will see how it goes...

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