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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 2.8... OptiCoat F10 528i M-Sport

Beautiful sunrise on the morning of 28th April 2012...

A day that will be remembered for Bersih 3.0.

While that Bersih was going on in KL, I had another Bersih to personally attend to.

Bersih 2.8 in old skool BMW terminology or should it now be Bersih 2.0?

2.0 TwinPower Turbo 2.8????


Read more about his this Bersih concluded after the link:

Welcome to my Bersih 2.8/2.0 TT.... (TT for Twin-Turbo and not Teh Tarik).

The owner of this F10 528i M-Sport had contacted me earlier to protect his precious new ride. He just took delivery a week ago and I left very clear instructions NOT to wash the car before our scheduled Bersih 2.0 or issit 2.8???

Anyway, some pics of the ride before:

As with all white colored cars, the black stains from our polluted rain etc. are very obvious as can be seen below the indicator lights here.

I demonstrated to the owner how simple it is to use ONR to wash the car. Here is a 50/50 of ONR.

After washing the car with ONR.

Front and rear license plates removed.

Close-up of the dirt trapped between the 528i badge.

 No problem for detailien alien clean...

Some marks on the paint easily removed with alien clean.

Stain removal as easy as....





There were also some stains on the inside of the doors. Also removed with alien clean.

The wheels were also cleaned up as the owner requested that they be coated as well.

Before.... very dirty considering that car has only been driven for a week.


Cleaning done... ready to be coated!

While there are some companies that start to apply the coating at this stage, it is imperative that the paint be polished to perfection before the coating is applied as the OptiCoat forms a permanent protective layer on top of the original paint which would permanently lock in any uncorrected paint defects.

Now for challenge of finding paint defects on white...

Look carefully enough and you should still be able to find them.... some slight scratches.

As the car was brand new and the paint was still in good condition, Optimum Hyper Polish was used with the Flex 3401 and the brand-new Optimum Microfiber Polishing Pads.

Priming the MF pad with OHP.

Nicely primed and ready to go...

The MF pad did a decent job of cleaning the paint and correcting minor paint defects but for some deeper scratches the OHP was used with the Makita 9227 with the Optimum Double-Sided Red Foam Pad for more correcting power.

Some minor scratches on the rear lights (you'll have to look very closely to see it).


After the paint correction the entire exterior surface was sprayed with an IPA solution to make sure the surface of the paint is clean and ready for the OptiCoat application.

Awesome shine from properly corrected paint...

Sun shot of the paint.

Now the paint is ready for OptiCoating.

To prevent my hands from becoming hydrophobic...

All done... awesome gloss and shine on white!

Some cloud shots.... :-)

Finally the sun came out...

I must say I really like the look of the 528i M-Sport. Loved the extra wide 275 rear tires!

The OptiCoat should make maintaining this white beast a lot easier.

In case some of you were wondering.... I wasn't wearing yellow while detailing this ride! :-)

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