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Saturday, September 15, 2012

MIA, Wetsanding and Optimum OptiCoat

Been MIA and have not updated this blog in a while....

Been busy fighting bulls and other BS with my buddy KC... :-)

Been away too long and decided to embark on a small project of mine...

Typical orange peel from modern paints...

Click the link below for more....

Decided to wetsand the bootlid.

Note the original condition. Not only with orange peel but something else...

Plenty of paint overspray when it was parked in an industrial area.

Closeup of the paint...

Watermarks and other surface defects present and accounted for.

On with the sanding with a ROB and a 1,500 grit Mirka sanding disc.

50/50.... More like 25/75 actually.

Continuing on the rest of the panel. The sanding has to be carried out until the surface is completely flat.

A close-up shows what orange peel looks like when sanded and also some other deep scratches.

Done... some deeper scratches were not removed as that would have required the removal of too much clear coat.

Optimum Hyper Polish is claimed to be able to remove 1,500 grit sanding marks so what better way to try this out then to remove 1,500 grit sanding marks!

Not bad!

However, there were still some remnants of the sanding which would have required a few more passes of the OHP.

Decided instead to speed things up and switched to Optimum Hyper Compound followed by Optimum Hyper Polish with the Optimum Double-Sided Red Foam pad.

Ahhh.... much better now.

Finished off the surface with the Flex 3401 with OHP and the Optimum MF Polishing Pad.

That's more like it!!!
 You can actually see the difference between the bootlid and the uncorrected rear fender at the bottom of the picture.

Protected the boot lid with.... Optimum Coating.

Some water beading captured after a light rain a few days after...

More to come...... eventually. :-)

Updates, some full sun shots.

Nice definition.

Clearly see the difference between the wetsanded panel and the orange peel on the uncorrected side.

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