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Friday, August 21, 2009

Meguiar's M105 Review

Finally gotten a bottle of M105 to try out. Many thanks to fellow Meguiar's Malaysia forummer KC for splitting the 1 gallon bottle with me.

So much has been said about the cutting and finishing ability of M105 so I was looking forward to trying it out.

On with the review:

Washing the car with NXT Car Wash. (Note the lack of a second bucket. I prefer to hose off the wash mitt instead of using another bucket as I feel the second bucket tends to get quite dirty and it seemed easier to just hose it off.):

Clay after one section of the hood:

Drying the car with the Water Magnet:

Taping off for the test:

Malaysian 'Sun Gun':

Lots of swirls and scratches (it was quite a challenge to capture these on a white car):

Makita 9227C with Solo Light Wool Cutting Pad + M105:

W7006 Cutting Pad:

Priming the Pad with the KBM method:

The M105 with W7006 didn't do much so on with the Solo Heavy Wool Cutting Pad:

The M105 + W7006 Cutting Pad. Still some visible swirls:

The Solo Light Wool Pad still left some swirls so on with the Solo Heavy Wool Cutting. Result!!! Substantially less swirls:

Followed up the M105 with M80 and NXT Tech Wax 2.0.

Got done quite late at night but managed to take some shots of the car before calling it a day.

Thanks for looking. Comments are always welcome.

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