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Friday, August 21, 2009

Proton Exora- Malaysian MPV Post-Delivery Detailing

Just completed a post delivery detailing on a Proton Exora. The Exora is Malaysia's first locally produced MPV.

Lets get started.....

First, to check out what 'damage' was done by the dealer while prepping the car for delivery.

Looks OK from far. Nice and clean as can be expected:

Started by washing and claying. Even thought the car has just been washed by the dealer, you can never be too careful:

Claying also carried out on the body hidden by the rear spoiler:

The clean side of the clay for comparison:

After claying half the car. Not too much contaminants on the car, as expected:

Upon closer inspection. Some swirls visible under the LED light. Also note the lack of definition and sharpness in the reflected image. (My apologies for detailing another white car... Its quite a challenge to properly capture and document the swirls.):

Some oxidation on the top of the door frames and the boot:

Taping off:

As this was a new car, I thought I'd try out M86 as it was meant for fresh paint. (I know, I know, the paint on this car was factory baked so it should not be considered as fresh paint but since I already had M86, I thought I'd give it a go.):

Pad priming using KBM. The last time I applied the product directly to the pad before massaging it in and I found that the areas where the product was applied tended to be thicker so this time I applied it by hand:

It seemed to work quite well as can be seen:

The results after doing one test area with M86/Solo Black and M86/Solo Yellow:

M86/Solo Black:

M86/Solo Yellow:

Although it is difficult to see the swirls from the pictures, the Solo Black produced better results than the Yellow. The reflections are also a bit blurry indicating the presence of some surface defects.

The paint was quite sticky and the M86 dried up much too quickly for my liking. So I tried out my old favorite, M80 with W8006.

That's more like it! M80 also dried up quite quickly at moderate RPM's (around 900rpm to 1000rpm) so decided to go with the slowest speed setting (600rpm). It seemed to work quite well. Nice depth and well defined reflections:


After M80/W8006:

After completing the correction on the Exora, it was late at night and was too tired to take any more pictures. The after pictures were taken two days later. Please excuse the dust in some of the pictures.

Oxidization above the door frame removed:

Oxidization above the rear boot badge removed. (Please excuse the dust.):

Some random afters:

This ones my favorite. The white looks almost like its milk.

Thanks for looking!

Comments and feedback always welcome.

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