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Monday, November 30, 2009

BMW E34 Post Heart Transplant Detail with D151

Just got my BMW back from the workshop last week after a long and extensive heart transplant (for the car, I mean). As expected, the mechanics 'left their mark' on it, literally. Will cover the details of the detail here and will post the details of the heart transplant on my other blog.


Didn't have time to do a full blown detail so I just wanted to remove as much of the 'evidence' as possible. Dirt, oxidization and signs of greasy fingers all throughout the car.

Washed with NXT Car Wash and clayed. Plenty of surface contaminants removed.

The interior was a mess and there were signs of greasy footprints on the floor mats and greasy hand prints all over the interior and leather. This gave the car a 'unique' smell like I was driving a greasy workshop around, so most of the work went to cleaning up the interior.

Note the greasy footprints.

The floormats were removed for cleaning. APC 1:4, agitated and rinsed off. The leather interior was cleaned with APC 1:10, agitated, wiped clean and dressed with Gold Class Leather Conditioner.

Front drivers seat. Before:




Passenger Seat. Before:


Back seat. Before:


Passenger side grab handle. Before:


The paint required some attention also but due to time constraints, I opted for D151/W8006/Rotary to remove the oxidization and light scratches while leaving a layer of protection behind.

I must say, I was quite surprised and happy with how well the D151 works. The car was transformed back to white and most of the scratches were removed.

RHS front fender. Plenty of scratches. Before:


LHS front fender. Before:


Passenger door. Before:

Some nice reflection on the white paint. After:

The wheels were repainted and also came out nicely. Love the color.

Nice reflection shot off the wheels.

More afters:

Managed to clean out the interior to my satisfaction and even with just D151, the exterior finished off nicely as well.

Thanks for looking. As always, comments and feedback are most welcome.

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