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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Honda Accord - Detailer Installed Swirls and Holograms Correction

I was supposed to detail this Honda Accord for a friends wedding but unfortunately I was out of the country at that time so he sent his car to a 'detailer' to get it polished for his wedding. I met up with him a few weeks later and this was the result... If I knew it was going to be this bad I would have cancelled my trip...

Why, why, why??? I asked. I was informed that this 'detailer' showed him some Meguiar's products which he 'used' so he thought it should be ok. If this was a cheap job, it would still be bad but this 'detailer' also charged him quite a bit of money to hack up his car. That goes to show, never judge a detailer by the products used or the prices charged. The best way is always from the work that the detailer has done before. To quote a very good detailer friend of mine, "Show me your work!".

So a date was set and the car was booked in for a correction of a correction.

After ONR wash and clay.

The owner in the background being educated on how to spot the damage.

Hood prepped for a 50/50.

There were some RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches) and also some deep buffer scratches caused by the previous 'detailer'. I explained to the owner that since this is a daily driven vehicle and is parked outside most of the time that I would leave the deeper scratches and just correct the damage done by the previous 'detailer'.

I had expected the Honda paint to be very soft and started out with M205/W8006. After inspecting the work, this wasn't aggressive enough and I ended up using M105/Solo Burgundy Wool followed by 2 passes of M205/W8006. This was quite puzzling as in my experience the Honda paints were very very soft. I asked the owner about this and he informed me that the front end was resprayed before.

The rest of the car was still the original paint and was corrected with M205/W8006.



Uncorrected w/ flash.

Corrected w/ flash.

Corrected w/ halogen.

More shots with the halogen light.


The owner holding the light.

Hood completed.

50/50 on the front fender.

The other fender. Before.


Rear C-Pillar. Before.

Trunk. Before.

After working in M205.



LSP was NXT 2.0. Sealed with Opti-Seal.

Nice clarity and shine.

From this.

To this.

= One happy owner.

Thanks for looking. As always comments and feedback are most welcome.

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  1. Thanks for posting your rescur work
    tremendous restorations