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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Charity Detailing Session and Gathering

My good friend and fellow detailing fanatic KC organized a detailing session for some vehicles belonging to an orphanage last Sunday the 17th of January 2010. Invitations were sent out to anyone who wanted to help out for a good cause and also learn more about detailing at the same time.

The original post by KC:

Don't have a lot of pictures to share with you as we had to get 4 full size vans and one car done in half a day.

Got there early to help setup. hitachi showed up early also.

The kids enjoying helping out with the detail.

This is Joe, my able assistant holding a bottle of M105.

Iceman13 trying out the rotary.

B33mEr polishing the roof of another van.

Both the BMWCM attacking the roof of yet another van. Thanks for the help guys!

AW forummer leongts working on another van's faded headlights. Demonstrated how to do it on the headlight on the right. Many thanks for the help and the drinks bro.

The legendary fishbonez of wetshinedetailing.blogspot.com and his group of assistants. Notice one of them pointing out a defect and seeking the advice of the fish.

Hard at work...

The final project of the day. Only managed to snap a before picture before hitachi, fishbonez, KC and myself 'attacked' the paint. I'm sure KC will post more pics on this extreme makeover.

Many thanks to all those that showed up. Your assistance and generous contributions of your valuable time on a Sunday afternoon was most appreciated. Hope everyone had a good time and managed to try out the various products and detailing machines that were available.

Special thanks to hitachi and fishbonez for their efforts and the sharing of their valuable knowledge and experience. I am sure all of us including fish's new assistants benefited and learned something new from them. Thank you also to leongts, Iceman13 and B33mEr from the Autoworld and BMWCM forums, we couldn't have gotten all this done without your valuable assistance. Hope you had a good time and managed to pick up some valuable detailing tips and experience with the rotaries.

And most of all, thanks you to KC for organizing this event. It was great seeing all the kids happily helping out with the detailing session and it felt good to spend some time with them and help out with the home. Cheers.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks guys
    i owe u a million for making this little kids smiles

    you are guys are the most wonderful ppl i ever met on earth

    You came you gave
    you shine your love for them

    thanks again for lighting these little lives