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Monday, February 8, 2010

Toyota Rush detailed with KC

Toyota Rush. From this...

To this...

Got a call from my detailing buddy KC to help him out to detail a couple of rides on Sunday. Packed up all my stuff in the car and headed out to meet him.

When I got there KC was already hard at work on the interior of the Toyota Rush and was APC'ing the trim etc.

Some before shots of the Toyota Rush.

I washed the car down with ONR while KC continued with the APC. Followed by clay with PG #2 clay with ONR lube.

There was so much baked on dirt on the paint that the clay went from this:
To this:

After claying started with the polishing to removed the baked on contaminants. M80/W8006/Rotary.
Fantastic job of removing the contaminants.

The amount of dirt removed in just a few passes. This required constant cleaning of the pads while polishing.

On with the details.
Before, Scratched up area around the door handles:

After Scratch X with foam applicator:

Scratches and pitting on the driver side door mirror.
Closeup of the scratches.

Polished with NXT Metal Polish.

Scratches on passenger side door mirror.

Nice reflection of my camera.

Full sun shots of the door mirrors.

Full sun shots:

Master KC photographing his work.

Nice reflections off the silver paint.

Thanks again for KC for inviting me along.

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