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Monday, March 22, 2010

ONR- Optimum No Rinse Demo at the Ampang Park Automotive Week 2010

My good friend KC of thedetailers.blogspot.com was invited to give a talk on ONR - Optimum No Rinse car wash at the Ampang Park Automotive Week.

Invitations were sent out to detailing enthusiast from various car and detailing forums and the public were invited to drop by and learn more about how ONR works and also to experience a hands-on detailing demonstration where they could try out the various detailing products and machines.

Kenneth aka Fishbonez of wetshinedetailing.blogspot.com was there to present the theory of paint care.

KC then conducted a detailing demonstration on stage.

We then proceeded to carry out a full detail on a demo car and encourage all those who attended to try out the different machines and products that were available.

50/50 after ONR.

With the participation of all involved, we managed to get the car from this.

To this.

Click on the link to read more about the days activities.

The legendary two-face (http://thedetailers.blogspot.com/2009/09/nissan-sunny-aka-two-face.html) was already there by the time I arrived with the black Honda City demo car.

The "two faces" certainly attracted a lot of attention while we were there and you can see why from this shot of the car.

KC kicked things off with a lengthy intro (hehehehe...) before handing over the mic to Kenneth (wetshinedetailing.blogspot.com) to carry out the theoretical portion of the presentation.

Kenneth took the crowd thought the basic 5-steps for paint care in a well prepared presentation full of pictures and illustrations. Many thanks to Kenneth for his valuable assistance on this matter.

A 50/50 demonstration was done by KC followed by an invitation to proceed over to the demo car for a more detailed detailing demonstration.

A close-up shot of the demo car. Never been detailed and regularly sent to a roadside 'car wash'. Perfect for the ONR and detailing demonstration.

KC started off by auctioning off his collection of towels.
Actually he was asking the crowd to feel the texture of the various towels that people regularly use to abuse their cars paint.

He then explained the importance of using 'proper' microfiber towels to the crowd.

Going, going, gone!!! Sold to the lady in pink!!!

A 50/50 demo of ONR on the front hood of the car.

A water beading test. ONR leaves behind a protective film which helps water flow off the hood while the unwashed side was still holding water.

KC demonstrating how quick and easy it is to wash a participants car with ONR.

Claying was demonstrated with an ONR lube.

While KC demonstrated how to use a rotary to correct paint defects on the hood, I started to work on the trunk of the car with another group of participants.


My new friend working on a section of the hood with a Bosch GEX-270AE ROB with the new Meguiar's 2.0 Polishing Pad and M205.

I did the other half with the Makita 9227C Rotary with a wool cutting pad and M105.
The taped off middle section is what the original paint looked like. The top section was done with the ROB while the bottom section was with a rotary.

While there was quite an improvement in the top section, the differences between the power of the rotary vs the ROB was clear to see. I explained to the group that the ROB was meant to correct only minor defects while a rotary was required for more major issues. However, the downside was that the rotary was less forgiving and harder to use for beginners.

After the demonstration, all those interested in trying out the rotary or ROB were given a chance to test them out on the car. Thankfully no permanent damage was inflicted. :-)

Having a go with the rotary and a wool pad.

Another participant having a go at compounding.

Following up the wool with a polishing pad and trying to pick up a bead of M205 without splatter.

Another participant having a go on the roof.

Not bad for a first time rotary user.

Final touches after a long day.

Some after shots. Great depth and shine to the paint.

KC taking some final shots.

After everyone else had left we decided to take some shots of the man of the day.

The rest of the gang.

Many thanks to KC, Henry, Kenneth and all those who attended for their valuable contributions to the success of this event.


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