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Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 Honda City- Brand New Post Delivery CNY Detail

The last of the CNY details.

Brand new 2010 Honda City post-delivery, pre-CNY detail.

The car has never been washed since delivery and had the usual dust and water spots.

Washed with ONR followed by clay with ONR lube. Surprising how much dirt was pulled out of the brand new paint with just the clay.

After claying.

Some swirls visible on the brand new paint. The swirls will be attended to at a later date as this was not a full correction detail.

Read more after the link.

After NXT 2.0 and UQD.

Some full sun shots.

Nice shine and depth to the paint considering this was just a ONR, clay and wax job.

Still some slight swirls visible but overall a nice improvement to the look of the paint.


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