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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Honda Accord Optimized by KC and seech

Was invited by my detailing buddy KC to assist with a detail on a black Honda Accord..... hmm.... he must think I'm some kind of black Accord expert of something.

By the time I arrived, KC had already washed and clayed the Accord with Optimum No Rinse (ONR).

The owner has been really careful about washing and waxing his car but unfortunately was not equipped with the right products and this was the result...

After many, many, many hours of compounding, polishing and finishing, we managed to get it to this condition.

Needless to say the owner bought some ONR and some quality microfiber towels to care for his car after seeing the results of our efforts.

To read more about the details of this detail, click the link below:

While KC was touching up the engine bay, I decided to start on the wheels.

The owner had fitted some chrome aftermarket wheels.... perfect to try out my sample of Optimum Metal Polish (OMP).

Nothing much wrong with the wheels. Just some dirt and oxidization in a few areas.

After a simple hand polish with OMP. Nice and shiny again.

Engine bay before:

After KC has worked his magic with some Optimum Power Clean and Optimum Protectant Plus.

The headlights were a little faded so they were wetsanded and polished.


On with the paint...We found a severe orange peel issue on the lower half of the car. A check with the owner revealed that the lower portion had been repainted before.

Almost as bad as the Porsche 930 Turbo which I did before.

My prior experience with black Honda paints indicates that the paint is very, very soft and easily swirled from just regular washing. In this case it was no different as the paint was badly swirled with quite a few RIDS visible.

A shot with both halogens and the camera flash. Swirls all over!!!

KC compounded the car with M105/Lake Country Double Sided Wool Pad/Rotary and I followed behind with Optimum Polish II/Meg's 2.0 Polishing Pad/Rotary and finished with Optimum Finish/Meg's 2.0 Finishing Pad/Rotary.



KC cleaning and dressing the interior with Optimum Protectant Plus.

The paint was sealed with Opti-Seal followed by Optimum Car Wax. Unbelievable combo, easy to use with great results!!!

The sun had already gone down when we finally got done.

Thanks again to KC for inviting me along.


  1. Nice job guys!!!!
    I like the term 'optimized' and also you being a black Honda Accord expert, hahaha!
    Is this the car about the door handle story you guys were telling me about?

  2. Actually should be Optimumized....

    Yeah. This is the one.... heheheh.

  3. wetsand the lower half areas? ;) should come out perfect then if you do :-D