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Monday, April 5, 2010

Optimum Exora

Just got a shipment of ONR and some samples of other OPT products directly in from the US. Thanks Dr. G for the assistance.

I have been using ONR for some time and thought it was fantastic. Couldn't wait to try out all of the other products. Tried out the Optimum Polish II, Optimum Finish, Opti-Seal, Optimum Car Wax and Optimum Instant Detailer.

Managed to get this:

To this:

The results from using the other OPT products were fantastic but what really blew me away was how EASY it was to achieve those results. I'll also be giving my opinions about the products themselves.

Read more for a detailed step-by-step of this Optimum detail...

These are the OPT products which I received.

From left to right: Optimum Poli-Seal (All In One), Optimum Compound II, Optimum Polish II and Optimum Finish.

Optimum Power Clean, Optimum Instant Detailer and Optimum Car Wax.

Optimum Metal Polish, Opti-Seal, Optimum Leather Protectant and Optimum Tire Shine.

Was also given a sample of clay AND Opti-Coat (many thanks Dr. G)!

Definitely won't be using all of these products on this detail but will be planning a few more details in the coming weeks.

On with the show...

Started as usual with an ONR wash.

The ONR removed the dirt from the surface of the paint but the condition of the car was pretty bad with lots of dirt baked into the paint but nothing a good polish can't handle. Aside from the baked in dirt, there were no major paint defects so no chance to use the Optimum Compound II.

First up, Optimum Polish II (OPII).

The OPII bottle is a nice design, compact and not too tall. The spout is also has rounded edges which was a nice touch. The polish itself has a nice consistency to it, not too watery and does not splatter. No dust at all. Has a long work time and the residue was easy to remove. Very nice!!!
Great results after just one pass @ 900rpm w/rotary/polishing pad.

Followed up the OPII with Optimum Finish (OF). I was quite surprised at the color when I first squirted it out of the bottle. BLUE!!!

OF was a real pleasure to work with. Buttery smooth with a very long work time. Same consistency as OPII and no splatter or dust. Wipes off easily.

Great results! Nice depth to the paint and well defined reflection. Can wait to try it out on a black car to see what it does for the finish!

Finished off the rest of the hood with OPII.

Very impressive results!

How about correction you say? Found some minor scratches with some paint transfer on the front bumper.

Gone.... after just one pass with OPII.

50/50 on the front bumper.

The results really surprised me. If you look at the picture above you can see the some white residue on the black plastic trim left behind from a polish made by another very well known company.

After OPII, not only did it NOT leave any residue on trim, it actually removed the previous white residue. Less taping and more time saved compared with the other polishes!

Also tried out the OPII by hand with a foam applicator pad.

Worked great on the door handle scratches as well.

Tried out OPII on the headlights.
Some etching from bug splatter.
After: Great clarity!

Other side:

After polishing, applied Opti-Seal (OS) to all surfaces of the car, paint, windows and trim. OS can be used as a Last Step Product (LSP) and is what they call a Wipe On Walk Away (WOWA) product but for added shine can be used as a base for Optimum Car Wax (OCW).

OS was very easy to apply. Just squirt a little on the paint, spread and wipe off with a MicroFiber (MF) cloth. Very little was required to seal the entire car.
OS also worked very well on the trim giving it a nice shine and a deep black color to it.

I could have left the car with just the OS on it but decided to try out the Optimum Instant Detailer (OID) on one side of the hood to see what it does. I also topped up the OS base on the windows with OID.

OID was very, very nice to apply. Spreading and wiping off easily with a MF towel and it left the surface feeling even more glossy.

Did the other half of the hood with OCW.

The OCW really blew me away. This was really a complete revelation and possibly the MOST AMAZING detailing product I have yet to use.

AMAZING!!! The OCW contains Carnauba wax, sealant polymers and UV inhibitors and it is sooooooooo easy to use. No more messing around with applying a wax, waiting for it to dry and then buffing off the residue.

Just spray on the OCW and wipe off. THAT'S IT!!!! No streaking, hazing or any buffing required.

Of course, just OCW wouldn't have been enough so I topped up OCW with OID on the last quarter of the hood.

I'll be monitoring each of the sections in the coming weeks to see how they will perform in the harsh Malaysian weather. The ease of use and the glossy, deep shine is amazing and I'm looking forward to finding out more about the durability of these products.

Check out the reflection and shine.....even on white.

If you have any question or are interested in getting any of the Optimum products, do drop me an email at:


We have ONR in stock and should have another shipment of Optimum products coming in soon directly from the US.

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  1. Waa! Now you have the complete range of Opt products. I'm still a bit skeptical about 'quick detailing' products. But, cant wait to see the durability results.