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Friday, May 21, 2010

Honda City - Detailed by Father In-Law

While my in-laws were visiting us in KL, I decided to do what I expected to be a quick detail on their Honda City. Unfortunately the 'quick detail' turned out to take much longer. Thankfully my Father In-Law (FIL) was on hand to give me a hand.

Started as usual with an ONR wash and clay. Gave my In-Laws a bottle of ONR and a few microfiber towels and was demonstrating the proper way to use the ONR to my FIL.

Why ONR? Quick and easy. Does not scratch the paint. No need to rinse and no mess. (Note the amount of water on the floor after washing half a car.)

The good thing about driving a blue car is that the swirls are very hard to pick up even with the halogen lamp. Good choice for hiding swirls. I had expected this to be a quick detail as at first glance the paint didn't seem too bad.

However, look hard enough......

My FIL compounding...

Click below to find out how this 'quick detail' ended up.

My initial plan was to try out the Optimum Poli-Seal to see if this All-In-One (AIO) product would be able to correct and seal the paint at the same time.

While the Poli-Seal did correct the minor swirls, there were still plenty of deeper ones left behind. The Poli-Seal would be a good choice for paint with some very minor swirls but in this case, something with more cut would be required.

Various pads and products were tried out but the paint defects were quite serious and we finally ended up with Meguiar's M105 / So1o Burgundy Wool pad / rotary.

The results were much better but that was the end of my hopes for a 'quick detail'.


I did most of the verticals panels while my FIL had a go at the horizontal ones. (Faces have been blurred to protect the identities of those involved..... :-))

Some RIDS and paint transfers were taken care off during the compounding.

The M105 finished off pretty well but being the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Detailer) I couldn't leave it at that and followed up with Optimum Polish II / So1o foam polishing pad / rotary.

Not bad for a first time rotary user.

The car was then sealed with Optimum Opti-Seal and protected with Optimum Car Wax.

The afters... had to explain to my FIL why his Son In-Law (SIL) was not crazy when the SIL started taking plenty of pictures of a car while carrying around a halogen light....

Needless to say by MIL was pretty happy with the FIL and SIL's work. To help them keep the car in this condition, I passed them a bottle of ONR and a few microfiber towels.

Thanks for looking. Comments and feedback are most welcome.


  1. Why didnt you top up the excellent work with opti coat given that this car, having clear coat (not like the other test vehicle), could benefit with this new sealant for a longer period of time?

  2. Still testing Opti-Coat so did not want to try it out on the entire car. Besides, need to ensure the surface is 100% defect free otherwise the Opti-Coat will seal in the defects.

  3. Ok thanks, it makes sense. Ansiously waiting for your next opti-coat test update.