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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mercedes S-Class (W220) Interior Transformation

KC and I were called in to do a rescue on the interior of a Mercedes W220 S-Class.

The owner had a driver and was mainly concerned about the condition of the front driver seat which was noticeably more heavily soiled than the rest of the interior. The original light grey seats were now brown in color and we were called in to see if we could fix this problem.

A combination of leather cleaner and steam was used to clean all of the accumulated dirt and oils absorbed into the leather.

The rest of the interior was also detailed.

The rear control panel was also a real mess. The soft touch rubber coating had melted in the sweltering Malaysian weather and the panel was sticky to touch and looked terrible.

A few hours later....... better than new!!!

For full details on this interior detail, click the 'Read More' below...

After removing the floor mats for a steam cleaning, the interior condition was assessed.

The driver's seat and door were the most heavily soiled so we started from there.

Taping off for a 50/50 on the seat.
Steamer in action...
After steaming...

A 50/50 was also done on the backrest.

This picture clearly shows the layer of dirt and oil coating the leather and how the steam and leather cleaner has managed to lift the dirt and oils off the leather.
Couldn't resist taking this 50/50/50/50 shot...

Cleaning the rest of the seat.
Much better...

The scuff marks on the trim on the front seat was also removed.

While I was cleaning the driver's side, KC tackled the passenger seat. The passenger seat was not as bad as the driver's seat but the difference before and after was also very obvious.

All done...

Now for the center console.

The soft touch coating of the center console was sticky and appears to have melted in our sweltering Malaysian weather. Apparently this is quite a common occurrence for Mercedes's manufactured around this time.

It was a horrible mess and certainly did not belong in an S-Class. After a lot of patience, a few hours and the right products, better than new...

While I tackled the rear seats and the center console, KC was busy cleaning up the rest of the interior.

Center arm rest.

Steering wheel.

Driver's door.

Front passenger door.


Left rear passenger door.

Right rear passenger door.

The interior carpets were vacuum and steam cleaned also.


The carpets were also vacuumed and steamed.


Finally, the exterior was treated to an Optimum No Rinse (ONR) wash, sealed with Optimum Opti-Seal and protected by Optimum Car Wax.

Thanks for looking. Comments and feedback are most welcome.


  1. Another great work...loving the steam action.

  2. 'soft touch coating of the center console was sticky and appears to have melted'
    may i know how did u fix this?? my car (diff car of course LOL) having the same prob... and im really cracking my head on this...
    help much appreciated

  3. Brilliant job. I wonder if all kinds of interior material can be cleaned just as well. After all, the Merc's interior materials are all high end.

    Would the result be the same for Protons for example?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    The soft touch coating was a real pain to remove and required a lot of patience to get it to that condition.

    As for the interior of the S-Class, all car interiors should be able to be cleaned in a similar manner irrespective of whether its an S-Class or a Proton. The techniques and products are mostly the same.

  5. what product did u use for door trim?can i know it?

  6. Hi Paan,

    In this case we used the Optimum Power Clean but any sort of all purpose cleaner should work. You just need to make sure that its safe to use on interiors.

  7. where can i get the optimum power clean?

  8. What an achievement... Bravo Bravo

    Can you please tell me how and what you used to bring back the rear center cosole LCD TV to factory condition...

    All the best

  9. Can you please let me know where can I purchase a staem cleaner equipment in Kulalampur and what is the approximate cost .If any of you are aware please let me know in my email id : biswajitdas19@gmail.com

  10. Many- Many Thanks for sharing this. I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job, Keep it up.
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