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Monday, September 13, 2010

BMW E90- Paintball Stain

From the bmwclubmalaysia.com forum:

Hmm.... paintball stains that cannot be removed by a 'detailer' whose only recommended is to re-spray the car???

Sound like a challenge...

Read more after the link.

I met up with the owner one night to take a closer look at the damage. The greenish streaks were indeed present and quite visible under certain lighting conditions.

What was also evident was the damage caused by the 'detailer' in an attempt to remove the stains. I did a test spot by hand to see if it was indeed possible to remove the stains and arranged for another day to remove the remainder of the stain.

After a couple of weeks, I finally found some time to carry out the stain removal and arranged for the owner to bring the car over.

After washing with Optimum No Rinse (ONR).

Not a bad result from just washing with ONR.

Out with the halogen light for a closer inspection of the damage. You can see where the 'detailer' rubbed some sort of product into the paint in an attempt to remove the stains thereby causing extensive scratches and damage to the paint.

The clear spot on top is the test spot which I did earlier.

There was also another stain on top of the drivers roof which would also require correcting.

The rest of the hood was also pretty swirled up with plenty of Random Isolated Deep Scratches (RIDS).

Let's see what we can do about the stain that the 'detailer' said cannot be removed and requires a re-spray.

As usual, its best to start out with the least aggressive combination for the job. In this case I opted to try out the latest spray polish from Optimum Polymer Technologies, the Optimum Hyper Polish paired with a Meguiar's polishing pad with a Makita 9227 Rotary.

After just one pass.... job done. Stain removed.

However, the finish of the paint still left much to be desired as there were plenty of RIDS left behind by the previous attempt by the 'detailer' to remove the stain.

Time to step if up a bit with the Optimum Hyper Compound paired with Meguiar's foam cutting pad.

Some improvement but a few of the scratches were very deep and I decided not to cut any further as the main objective was to remove the stain.

The stain on top of the driver's roof was also successfully removed.

A picture of the stain that the 'detailer' said was impossible to remove and required a re-spray.

Final pictures after compounding, polishing and finishing.

Thanks for looking. Comments and feedback are most welcome as always.

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