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Monday, September 13, 2010

Honda Accord Optimumized with Optimum Hyper Polish and Compound

Its been a while...

Just got a shipment of products in from the US from Dr. G of Optimum Polymer Technologies including the latest Optimum Hyper Polish and Optimum Hyper Compound. As usual, the best way to test out any new products is to try it out on the softest and hardest to finish black paint...

It just so happened that he owner of the black Honda Accord which I did 9 months ago asked me to look into some issues which he was having with the interior and exterior of his car. The original post can be found here:

This was the state of the car when it arrrived:

This was how it left...

Read more after the link.

The problem the owner was having was with water marks in the black paint which were impossible to remove by washing alone.

There were also some scratches on the rear boot lid.

The owner also requested that the interior be detailed, especially the leather seats.

First up, steam cleaning of the carpets.

50/50 of the leather seats.

Steaming in progress.

For more stubborn stains, Optimum Power Clean was applied before steaming.

New checkered pattern for Honda leather seats...

There were some spots on the side bolster which look like they have been touched up before and I didn't want to risk cleaning that location. The owner was informed of this when he came to pick up the car.

After steam cleaning, the seats were dressed with Optimum Protectant Plus. Compared with other leather conditioners, the OPP is very, very easy to apply with great results.

Some afters...

The wheels were cleaned with Optimum Power Clean, Optimum No Rinse and Optimum Opti-Seal. Tires dressed with Optimum Tire Shine.


On with the exterior... as usual my preferred choice of car wash, Optimum No Rinse.

50/50 of the hood after ONR. Clean and glossy but as expected, the water marks are still present.

Finished ONR the entire hood.

Taped off for a 50/50.

Closeup of the water marks.

The new Optimum Hyper Polish and Optimum Hyper Compound.

As always, the least aggressive product was tried first, the Optimum Hyper Polish with a Meguiar's polishing pad on a Makita 9227 rotary.

Optimum Hyper Polish- First impressions were very good. Very little product was used as only a few of the spray bottle were required to prime the pad. The product has a nice consistency to it with very minimal splatter and absolutely no dusting. The polish has a buttery feel to it with a very long work time and was easy to remove. Good stuff.

Big improvement with the gloss and most of the water marks have been removed. Most, but not all...

Time to step it up a notch with the Optimum Hyper Compound and a Meguiar's foam cutting pad.

Much better...


Optimum Hyper Compound- A bit thicker in consistency than the OHP and hence a little more difficult to spray but still quite impressive, combining aggressive cutting power and a decent finish. Again, minimal splatter and dusting with a long work time.

The rest of the car was completed with OHC/Rotary followed by OHP/ROB and sealed with Optimum Opti-Seal followed by Optimum Car Wax.

It started to rain halfway though the detail which allowed for some nice water beading shots...

Some afters, after drying...

I do like this shot.... looks like glass.

In order to minimize the recurrence of the water marks, the owner was advised to carry out an ONR wash and to protect the paint with OCW regularly.

Thanks for looking. Comments and feedback are most welcome.

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