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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BMW F10 520d Optimum Opti-Coated

The owner of this brand-new BMW F10 520d is a very discerning individual with great taste for fine German engineered cars. This F10 was acquired to fulfill the role of a daily driver and the owner wanted to protect its brand new paintwork.

The owner had experience with another car coating and was decidedly less than impressed with its performance after just a few weeks and decided to get this F10 Opti-Coated.

As it was a new car with only 150km on the clock, I had expected this to be a fairly quick and painless coating job..... but.....***

***About the process of coating:
It is a common misconception that coating a car is just about applying the coating on the surface of the paint. While this is certainly possible and there are some detailing centers that do just that, I would question the whole point of coating a car if the paint is not fully corrected before the coating process. The paint has to be painstakingly prepped to remove all of the defects before the coating is applied as the coating will seal in any paint defects.

In the case of this F10, the paint was carefully inspected and as it was a brand-new car there were not a lot of issues with the paint except for these stains that appeared to have been flung up by the tires.

The stains appear to have soaked into the pores of the paint and even Optimum Power Clean at full strength did not have any effect on it.

This left us no choice but to wet sand all of the affected areas.

Click the link below to read more about the rest of this coating detail:

The F10 520d in white.... which probably makes coating the car more important as white is often very easily stained. As with the Porsche GT2 detail (http://prodetailing.blogspot.com/2012/01/porsche-911-gt2-997-extreme-paint.html), Mun of Hypergloss (http://hypergloss.blogspot.com/) was kind enough to assist me with this detail.

As can be expected with a car with less than 150km on the clock, the overall condition was very good with just some light dirt stains around the lower part of the car.

Some water stains were also evident.

Optimum No-Rinse was used to wash the car....

with the Optimum Opti-Mitt. The Optimum Opti-Mitt does feel a lot safer to use on the paint as it holds more of the ONR solution and the black foam feels very soft to the touch.

The wheels were pretty dirty considering that the car has hardly been driven.

Cleaned with Optimum Power Clean.

Agitated with a brush.

There were some stains under the driver's side mirror.

Which were easily removed with Optimum Power Clean and a MF towel.

Unfortunately there were some stains which even the OPC could not remove.

These stains appear to have been flung up by the tires and had soaked into the paint itself.

Spot wet sanding was required to remove this and other similar stains throughout the car.

Stains removed leaving behind a matt finish in those areas that had been sanded.

There were spots throughout both sides of the car.

After spot sanding.

There were also some deeper scratches on the hood and boot lids which had to be compounded off using Optimum Hyper Compound with the Optimum Double-Sided wool pad. One of the benefits of OHC is that is has very minimal dusting which allows us to correct certain portions of the car without covering the entire vehicle with dust.

The rest of the car including the ares which were wet sanded were polished with Optimum Hyper Polish and the Optimum Double-Sided Red Foam pad. The OHP is strong enough to remove wet sanding marks while still being able to polish the paint to a refined finish.

Mun at work!

 After all the polishing was done it was time to start the coating process with Optimum Opti-Coat.

The glass surfaces and lights were also coated along with the paint. Optimum Opti-Coat is harder and more scratch resistant than the original factory clear coat. It also has excellent water beading characteristics and prevent degradation form UV and also oxidization.

Some pictures after coating.

The paint looks wet and glossy.

For more information on Optimum Opti-Coating and other Optimum Products, please visit:

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