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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BMW F10 520d Protected With Optimum Opti-Coat

Got another call from a concerned BMW owner about protecting his brand new ride (not as brand new as this one: http://prodetailing.blogspot.com/2012/02/bmw-f10-520d-optimum-opti-coated.html) but still with less than 1000km on the clock. The owner wanted us to coat his ride as soon as possible to protect the original factory paint with Optimum Opti-Coat which is harder and more scratch and chemical resistant the normal paint. The Opti-Coat also has superior water beading qualities and is designed to last the lifetime of the paint.

As with the previous F10, Mun from Hypergloss, was kind enough to lend me a hand with this Opti-Coating as well.

The oil burners seem to be getting more popular...

As it was a new ride the paint was in pretty good condition with the exception of a few deep scratches...

Removed by wet sanding.

Coating with Optimum Opti-Coat.

A nice, deep, glossy shine!!!

Click the link below for details of this detail:

This is the condition of the car when we arrived. I have been in contact with the owner and specifically asked him to be careful if he sent the car out for washing. Thankfully the paint was still in pretty good shape without the usual damage caused by 'road-side car washes' in Malaysia.

The usual dirt and grime.

Easily removed with Optimum No-Rinse (ONR) and the Optimum Opti-Mitt.

The more I use the new Optimum Opti-Mitt, the more I like it as the black foam is very soft and just glides over the paint.

The rear license plate was removed...

Claying with Optimum Opti-Clay.

As expected, the surface was still relatively clean but the clay did still pick up some contaminants on the surface.

The diesel filling flap was still clean...

But there was evidence that this ride was either polished or waxed before.

 As the paint was in pretty good shape only a light polish with Optimum Hyper Polish and the Optimum Double-Sided Red Foam was required..... or so we thought.

Upon closer inspection of the front hood after polishing, there were some deeper swirls and RIDS still remaining, so...

Out with the Optimum Hyper Compound and the Optimum Double-Sided Twisted Wool pad.

Mun at work..... again.

Most of the deeper swirls and RIDS were removed after compounding but there were still a few very deep scratches remaining...

Which required some wet sanding to remove.

The sanding marks were removed with....

Optimum Hyper Polish!!!

Optimum Hyper Polish was designed to remove 1500 grit sanding marks so it easily dealt with the 2000 grit sand paper used for this scratch removal.


The engine bay was also given a quick wipedown. Still brand-new!!!

Mun at work.... Coating with Optimum Opti-Coat.

After coating.... Nice deep gloss and shine.

Full-sun shot!!!

Reassembling the rear license plate.

Awesome reflections!!!

I do like this shot of the F10!

Thanks again to Mun for his help and thanks for looking.

Check out:

For more info on Optimum products.

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