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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Optimum Opti-Coat Honda Insight

Brand-new 2012 Honda Insight + Optimum Opti-Coat = Permanent Paint Protection.

Anyone who has owned a white car will know that keeping a white car white in our Malaysian weather can prove to be quite challenging. Any dirt or stains are painfully obvious on white paint.

This brand new 2012 Honda Insight was protected with Optimum Opti-Coat to protect the paint and make it easier for the owner to maintain.

Click the link below for full details of this Opti-Coating.

As this was a brand-new car and the owner was instructed NOT to wash or polish the car, there were only very minimal paint defects. However, although there were no major defects, the definition of the paint as can be seen in this reflection was still a bit lacking if compared to the full sun shots after the job was completed.

No minor swirls on the very easily swirled up plastic on the boot lid.

The entire exterior surface was washed with Optimum Power Clean to thoroughly decontaminate the paint. The paint was also clayed and any tar spots and other surface contaminants removed.

Under halogen lightning. Again, nothing major.

Some light water spotting on the windscreen. For some reason, Honda windscreens seem prevalent to water spotting especially in Malaysia.

As there were only very minimal issues, Optimum Hyper Polish with the Flex 3401 were sufficient to remove  any defects on the paint and also to maximize the gloss and definition of the paint before coating.

After coating pictures:

Note the clarity of the paint where all of the metallic flakes are well defined under the halogen lighting.

Full sun shots:

Thanks for looking.


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