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Friday, June 4, 2010

Optimum Opti-Coat Review - Final Update

UPDATED: Video of Opti-Coat water beading after 5 months:

The Optimum Opti-Coat trial was started about a month ago on a car with clear coat failure to evaluate if the Opti-Coat would act as a 'new' clear coat.

A follow up update was done two weeks later.

The initial results were simply astounding.

This was the state of the boot before anything was done.

This was what it looked like after compounding, polishing and an application of Optimum Opti-Coat.

After two weeks, there were some issues with the paint fading at the edge of the test area.

Find out how the Opti-Coat is doing after another two weeks, click on the 'Read More' below.

It has now been another two weeks....

I was very keen to find out how the Opti-Coat was holding up as there was some issue of fading in the edge of the test area. As reported in the update two weeks ago, I suspect that this was due to the surface preparation as the rest of the test panel looked great. The only way to confirm this was to evaluate if the fading continue across the rest of the panel.

The Opti-Coat still looks great!!!

I was very anxious to view the results after another two weeks and after a quick ONR wipedown this was the results...

If you compare this with two weeks ago, the faded areas still look the same.

How about the rest of the panel?

Still looking pretty good...

The Optimum Opti-Coat really does work. Although this was never meant to be its intended purpose, I could think of no better way to test what is supposed to be a second-layer of coating on a car which had clear coat failure.

There was a slight issue with the paint fading in one section of the test area but as the fading was confined to that area, I suspect that this is probably due to issues with the surface preparation.

This will be the final update as the rest of the boot lid will be corrected and sealed with Opti-Coat.

Thank you for your interest in this review.


  1. So in the end we can clearly see that if the product is used on a car without clearcoat issues that it will provide a very long lasting protection. Amazing work you did on this test. Dont forget to post the final result when you do the whole boot lid. Will you be correcting the previous opti-coat treated area?

  2. Thanks for the comments. Based on the results they are getting in the US, Opti-Coat performs amazingly well.

    Will try to correct the area which has already been Opti-Coated to see if its possible to do so.

  3. Great post unker seech! Can't wait till we give it a full run!

  4. Bravo to Opti-Coat... You need a good product and an experienced man to perform the job.. and you guys had it ALL...Cheers man!

    Arrio (BMWC)